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Tale from D.Preston Work in progress

  • by Paula
  • agosto 2nd, 2014

“…Then there was the youngest of the three, Evie Jo, who never said a word.She is a “closed book”! She heard it from her mother…” – Fragment Nonna Lisa’s tale from D.Preston.NC 2014

“We’re sorry we teased you, Louis! Won’t you please come out—please!” And then everyone would laugh— (fragment)

Interview! I’m excited! thanks :)

  • by Paula
  • julio 1st, 2014

Interview with Paula Blanco
admin / June 9, 2014


Interview with 11 different illustrators from 11 different countries around the world.
In these discourses, 11 eminent illustrators from different countries answered our questions. They have talked about their experiences that considering the characteristics of publishing industry in each country are tremendously different from each other.


Writing picture book or text book; which one is more interesting to you?

Picture book is more interesting for me because it´s my job. Althought I love text books. I like to read.

What inspires you to create a picture book? How you turn an idea to text/picture?

I find my inspiration, especially in the Hollywood classic films of 50´s 60´s, I love this season of cinema, films from Mary Poppins, Wizard of Oz to Bednobs and Broomsticks. Also films by Billy Wilder as Sabrina, Sunset Boulevard and many more…
I also find my inspiration in books and personal life with my friends and family.
I think that the world of music is so important for inspiration, I listen to music of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Edith Piaf, Yann Tiersen…

How you share text and pictures roles, when you are working on a picture book?

A few of my books have been illustrated and written by myself but not all. Some of my books I have only illustrated. Usually when I´m imagining a story I see it as an illustration. I think that everybody imagines the characters and scenes in their minds when reading a book

Please tell us about your experiences of working with editors and art directors on picture books. What is their role in your works?

The only role of the art directors on picture books the request of the commisions until now have been to ask delivery date. I think that all illustratos have the same problem there is so little time for our work, we have to work quickly. We have to get the best result in the least time possible.

When writer and illustrator of a picture book is not the same artist, how you manage accordance between text and pictures? How much you try to consult with illustrator/writer?

Firstly, when I work with writer. I read the writter´s text over and over again and after I ask him about the text, and what I many need to know about the story so I can in order to work, for example, the audience which he would like me to direct the book to more specifically which age group. The book is to be directed to like adults, infants or sligltly older childrens of 7-10 years.

Do you prefer that an artist be author and illustrator of a picture book or not? What are advantages and restrictions of each one?

The most important thing is to make a good book, from illustrations top story. The book must be well illustrated and the text must be interesting and nice, is so difficult to be in charge of both parts.
I don´t care, I´m an illustrator not a writer, there are writters really good, however it´s not a problem that the illustrator becomes the writer. If the book excites me. I´m done

Which effects had new forms of books; like ebooks and interactive, on picture books?

I like it, I think it´s good for us we have plenty of new formats and technics it´s wonderful. We can enjoy the latest technology. Actually, I´m working on a project for Ipad a classic tale in a new interactive format, is so exciting!
However, I love the classic format and the feeling I get touching it´s so paper and look through his pages.

What are the similarities and differences between illustrating for
e-books, interactive and common books?

I believe that I can´t compare the illustration traditional books with illustration e-books, the classic illustration it has been worked along history during a lot of time and the pictures interactives books are so news, it needs more time for evolution for improve the technic.

With emergence of new forms of media; do you think that paper books are near to the end of their life?
This conflict between the news technologys against the traditionals isn´t real
It´s only a new possibility more for us. The new interactives books aren´t better of worse than the traditional.
The traditional book has persited along history with other so much changes as photography, cinema, TV… his disappearance is unthinkable.

Do you care about reactions of picture books audiences? If so, since audiences of picture books are children; how you will be aware of their reactions?

We have more choises now. We have the present technologies and the history of illustration.

Some authors and illustrators believe that a good picture book for children is the book that adults enjoy of reading that too, do you agree with this idea?

When the book is really good the adults and children, both enjoy it.

Could you please tell me your top five children’s picture books in the world? Were any of them particularly inspirational for you? If so, which one and why?

I love Alice in Wonderland in both versions by John Tenniel and Rackham they seem to me outstanding!

And do you think among your picture books, which one is the best?
I don´t know! Each one of them point at his own audiences.
I can´t choose I love equally!

What elements do you think a picture book needs to have?
I think that a book need to have a nice illustrations and interesting text, these get do you dreams and to created fantastic worlds in your mind, with a message and the people can feel it.

Sometimes it seems that audiences and families comments about books are different with critics, in this situation which side you stand?
The comments about books I seem me more interesting. Always I learn of them.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I apreciated so much your interesting for my work. I´m so glad of share with your my thrill for this work and my experience.
I´m looking forward to take part of your magazine, thank you so much.

Pop App Books. Presentation

  • by Paula
  • junio 14th, 2014

Caperucita para Pop App Books

  • by Paula
  • enero 13th, 2014

Ya disponible Caperucita Roja en París, en iTunes y Google Play! Una interpretación del clásico, llena de encanto parisino. Desde el primer momento te sumergirás en un maravilloso sueño en París, también aprenderás a hacer una deliciosa tarta de fresas, junto a una valiente Caperucita os enfrentareis al lobo más pintoresco del París de 1900. No te lo puedes perder!!! Disfruta desde ya de la nueva App de Pop App


La abuela de La Concha, publicado!

  • by Paula
  • diciembre 6th, 2013

Holaa chicoos! Ya está a la venta “La abuela de La Concha y el Capitán” escrito por Arantxa Urgatetxea, es una historia muy muy bonita…
Entre la abuela de La Cocha y El Capitán nace una hermosa amistad, en un marco incomparable, el paseo de La Concha de San Sebastián. Conversaciones en las que brotan los recuerdos, las tradiciones, la música del txistu y los tambores, con la compañía de su nieto y con la dulzura de su especialidad
¡la tarta casera de merengue!.
Os enseño algunos detalles del libro ¡espero que os guste!

Pop App Books Studio

  • by Paula
  • noviembre 15th, 2013

Ultimando la nueva App de PopApp Books Studio.
Estas Navidades ya contaremos con la primera aplicación de la colección.
Estará disponible en Itunes. De momento os muestro algunos detalles de los personajes :)